Environmental, Resiliency and Sustainability Events on Nantucket

Science Pub Series Hosted by The Linda Loring Nature Foundation

Monday, February 10th is the next installment of the Science Pub series hosted by The Linda Loring Nature Foundation (LLNF).

Thaïs Fournier, Water Resource Specialist at the Town of Nantucket Natural Resource Department, will present “Impacts of Nutrients on Water Quality and What YOU Can Do to Help”.

Join her to learn more about the current health of our harbors and ponds and what the Natural Resources Department is doing to improve water quality. Learn how nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus can enter our water bodies and impact water quality. Understand what you can do to help protect our Island’s water resources. 

Science Pub will  be held at the Saltbox Tavern and Table at 7 Macys Lane. Food and drink available for purchase. Free admission. Call (508)325-0873 for questions or more info.  Event on Facebook