Environmental, Resiliency and Sustainability Events on Nantucket

Dr. Jen Karberg, Lecture Nantucket’s Salt Marshes and Coastal Resilience

Wednesday, January 22

Nantucket Atheneum, Great Hall

Nantucket is at the forefront of climate change and projected impacts from sea level rise.  But the island is fortunate to benefit from local research and innovation on ways to adapt to these changes. The natural beauty and resources that draw people to Nantucket are also some of the things that will help protect the island from climate change impacts.

This talk explores the ecological function and benefits of Nantucket’s natural coastal buffers, particularly salt marshes and coastal dunes. Learn about local research and restoration aimed at improving salt marsh function and the role that salt marshes play in the island’s coastal resilience.

Dr Jen Karberg is the Research Program Supervisor for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. She researches fresh and salt water wetland ecology and restoration, climate change and coastal resiliency, rare plant ecology and disturbance ecology. Jen studied plant ecology at the University of Michigan as an undergrad and then obtained advanced degrees from Michigan Technological University in wetland ecology and rare species conservation genetics. On island for 12 years , Jen has co-chaired the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative Research Conference, served on the Nantucket Conservation Commission, and various boards of the Society of Wetland Scientists. She  currently represents NCF on the Nantucket Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee and is Chair of the Women in Wetland’s section of the Society of Wetland Scientists.

Free admission